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Facebook Button Works Again

03/29/2012 - Harlen Compton | |

Facebook LogoFor those of you who have attempted to connect to Zoneton Lodge via the Facebook button since December 8th, it hasn't been working. Facebook changed their authentication mechanism, and it has taken some time to revamp the existing infrastructure to get it working again. Everything should be fine now.

New Year, New Goals

12/28/2011 - Harlen Compton | |

Our lodge has seen a number of great things this year. Membership is reviving, new members are more involved than ever. The Trowel Club, Inc. has been established, and our fund raising efforts have grown enough to overcome setbacks that would have crippled our facility otherwise. 2011 saw the first award of our high school scholarship, and the first Hillview City Fair (that our Trowel Club organized) went off spectacularly. Charitable contributions this year have been greater than any year since I have been a member here, and next year promises even more.

At the turn of 2012 however, we should take time to humble ourselves. Although we celebrate our successes, we remember that there is always more that can be done. The bar has been raised, here's to 2012!

Four New Brothers

11/11/2011 - Harlen Compton | |

Square and CompassBrothers, on November 19th, Zoneton Lodge will initiate four new Entered Apprentices. The adoption of a man into our ancient and honorable fraternity is always cause for celebration, but four gentlemen in the same night speaks volumes to the revival and growth Zoneton Lodge has been experiencing in the past couple of years.

This is one of many positive happenings at Zoneton Lodge this year. We welcome each of these gentlemen into our halls, and encourage them, and any brothers who may be lingering on the sidelines, to leap forward with us into even more successes in 2012.

DeMolay Presentation

08/19/2011 - Harlen Compton | |

The young men of the Cherokee chapter of the Order of DeMolay visited Zoneton Lodge recently to share with us a little information about their organization. The presentation they made to the lodge was extraordinary, and we look forward to inviting them back next year.

Good luck to you in your studies, gentlemen, we hope the school year brings good fortune for each of you.

Community Night

07/21/2011 - Harlen Compton | |

The Zoneton Trowel Club recently hosted a community night dinner to express their appreciation of the community, and to make a contribution to Hillview's Operation Santa program and Parks and Recreation Department. The club contributed a total of $2,500 in proceeds from the 2011 Hillview City Fair. Operation Santa benefits local children through Christmas gift programs, family resource centers, and more. The Parks and Recreation Department is working to construct a community playground at the new Hillview Government Center.

Also during the dinner, the members of Zoneton Lodge joined the Zoneton chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star in presenting a $500 scholarship to Kayla Horton of the North Bullitt High School class of 2011. Kayla enjoyed academic success during high school, and will be attending college in August.

Photographs have been posted here.

Scholarship Deadline Approaching

04/30/2011 - Harlen Compton | |

The 2010-2011 school year is quickly drawing to a close.  Zoneton Lodge will be accepting applications for our freshman college scholarship through May 14th.  If you are interested, please visit our scholarship page and fill out an application.  Decisions on disbursement will be completed by the 21st, with the goal of awarding monies prior to graduation. 

Website Gets A Facelift

04/01/2011 - Harlen Compton | |

The web committee has been at work over the past few weeks to clean out some of the cobwebs in our web server, slap on some new paint, install better decor, and otherwise clean up the website.  Included in this new release is the ability to sign in with just your facebook account.  No need to keep track of another password.  We have also set up an email service for our members.  If you are interested in a @zonetonlodge.com email address, be sure to let us know!