"Covered" for Another 30 Years

In the past few years, our building has started to show its age. Fortunately, the members of Zoneton Lodge have stepped forward to ensure that we preserve our local landmark for future generations. Beginning with the climate control failures a few years ago, brothers from all walks of life have stepped forward to cook breakfast, fry fish, staff events, or simply donate their own funds to assist in raising the money necessary to maintain our lodge. Since that time, we have replaced air conditioners and furnaces. We have painted walls, repaired plumbing, electrical wiring, doors, installed new appliances, etc. etc. etc. We are, of course, by no means finished. We are fortunate to have our lodge hall, but maintaining it is a large and on-going responsibility.

Just last week, the roofing crew finished replacing a roof in desperate disrepair. This replacement is expected to remain solidly for at least another 30 years. I congratulate the brothers of Zoneton Lodge on yet another milestone accomplishment.