Freemasonry in 2013

Working ToolsThe end of 2012 brought the over-hyped speculation and fear-mongering of various would-be prophets predicting our demise and the "end of the world". The fallacy of that message could fill volumes, but suffice it to say, we're still here! Furthermore, in spite of difficult economic times, our fraternity is not only present, but thriving. I am extraordinarily proud of the steps that we have made at Zoneton Lodge, the bonds we have forged with one another, the things we have learned, and what we have been able to do for our community.

As we charge forward into the dawning light of 2013, let us be reminded that there is always more to be done. We should look to the coming year with higher thoughts of nobler deeds and greater accomplishments. I am excited about the future of our fraternity, and the prospect of presiding over our lodge during another fantastic year.