District 15 Visits West Liberty

The entire city of West Liberty suffered extensive destruction from tornados and storms earlier in 2012, including the destruction of Highland Lodge #311. The lodges from District 15, along with Okolona #853, Fern Creek #955, and Suburban #740 were represented in West Liberty, Kentucky on May 12, 2012. The purpose of this visit was to present the brothers of Highland Lodge with the proceeds of a district-wide fundraising effort, coordinated by Worshipful Brother Robert Wolford, Master of Zoneton Lodge #964.

In an emotional meeting, W.Bro. Wolford presented W.Bro Kenneth Williams, Master of Highland Lodge, with $8,506 from the lodges in District 15. Afterwards, Most Worshipful Past Grand Master Donald Yankee presented W.Bro Williams with a gift from Morrison and Upton lodges from the proceeds of the Bluegrass Festival at Freeman Lake. Highland Lodge has made significant progress in rebuilding their lodge, and W.Bro Williams said that this money should be enough to "finish us out".

Presenting their gift was not the only purpose of the District 15 visit. The brothers present also conferred the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on behalf of Highland Lodge, which still lacks some of the necessary ritual equipment, and whose ritualists have been quite busy with repairing their building and their community.

District 15 was neither the first, nor the last, group of brothers to open their hearts and coffers to assist our brothers in West Liberty. The outpouring of support shown by lodges around the Commonwealth - and even across the nation - should make any man proud to be part of our ancient and honorable fraternity. This is masonry in action.