The Trowel Club

Freemason's TrowelThe Zoneton Trowel Club, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation which partners with Zoneton Lodge to raise funds for local programs and charities, as well as the maintenance and restoration of the historic Henry Trammel Lodge Hall property, which is the meeting place for the Masonic and Eastern Star organizations and is rented to the public for various events.

The Trowel Club's books are always available for inspection by members of Zoneton Lodge. The club is governed by a six-member board of directors who serve three year terms, two members being elected every year in January.

The current board of directors consists of:

  • Marshall Barr, Chairman
  • Jason Runion, Vice Chairman
  • Michael Compton, Jr., Secretary
  • Harlen Compton, Treasurer
  • Tony Thompson
  • Josh Northcutt
  • Raymond Wolford
  • Aaron Thompson
  • Mickey Cheatham