Lodge Officers

The officers of Zoneton Lodge are elected annually to serve the fraternity and the community in various capacities. A regular well-governed lodge of Kentucky Freemasons consists of a master, wardens, secretary, treasurer, deacons, stewards, a chaplain, a marshal, and a tiler.

2013 Officers

Current Officers

The officers currently in service at Zoneton Lodge #964 are listed below. You may also be interested in our Past Masters.


Worshipful Raymond Wolford

Senior Warden:

Bro. Josh Northcutt

Junior Warden:

Bro. Aaron Thompson


Bro. Harlen Compton, PM


Bro. Robert Wolford, PM

Senior Deacon:

Bro. Pat Helton

Junior Deacon:

Bro. Bruce Vance

Senior Steward:

Bro. Kevin Stallings

Junior Steward:

Bro. Michael Compton, Jr.


Bro. Tony Thompson, PM


Bro. Ralph Lawson, PM